Our Story + Vision

Ritual is in everything we do. It’s in the metrics of making a meal, to how we set the table, to our patterns in preparation. It’s passed down, improved upon, but the meaning always remains constant. We do what we do with purpose. We honour the tradition of cuisine by passing through the motions of that done before us. We stay humble and playful, honest and eclectic. 

Chef & Owner Nevada Cope grew up in Abbotsford, amongst sprawling farmlands, tree lined hills, and snow-capped mountains. Being surrounded by the natural beauty of the Fraser Valley and it’s wealth of locally grown vegetables, dairy, and meat seemed normal as a child. It wasn’t until she moved to Vancouver over a decade ago, that she realized what she grew up with was truly special and would develop a driving impact in her career and cuisine.

Today we operate as a comfort food restaurant with a strong foundation in farm to table cuisine. House made bread, pastries, braised natural meats, slow simmered sauces and a whole lot of care and attention into everything we serve. We offer full brunch everyday, which has grown to be the hallmark of our business. 

Come create new rituals with us, we will see you soon.